10 Secrets About Resume Trends 2020

So, you’re looking on how to make a good job resume and you want to make it work this time. No problem, as we’re discussing the latest techniques and trends in new resume formats 2020 and styles updated with the times. Check out the following for resume trends you have to know.

Why Learn About Resume Trends 2020

Main reason is that they are able to show that you are updating your resume and you are making use of the best layouts, styles and formats adjusted with the changing scope of job applications. By learning of the trends, you will be able to keep up with the latest practices used by employers and recruiters who also update and adjust their techniques in recruitment. Check out the next section to learn of the best techniques applicable for the modern job application for 2020.

Best 10 Resume Trends 2020 and Tips to Nail Them

resume trends 2020Infographic resume: This can be one of the most recent trends to watch out for if you are an applicant looking for a spot in the creative fields. A picture can paint a thousand words and this resume style is one of the best ways on how to paint your words into a picture. At a glance, the employer will be able to see what kind of worker you are and what accomplishments you had in the past.

resume trends 2020Video resume: The video style for applications is one of the most used of all resume trends 2020. It can be a short introduction about yourself and a quick narration of your achievements. This can also be a good visual presentation of your personality that an employer may also be looking to find out other than just reading about you.

resume trends 2020Applicant tracking systems: These are systems used by recruiters and companies in looking for their new employees. One works like a database where they can find suitable candidates by using specific search term to filter the applicants.

cv trends 2020Social media: Well, who says that social networking sites are only for friends and for sharing media? Today, your social media account can also serve as your professional resume. One of the best networking sites for showing the world about who you are is LinkedIn. This is the place where employers, industry influencers and company CEOS meet as well as connect with good applicants. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is updated and professional.

cv trends 2020Industry keywords or buzzwords: These phrases or words can illustrate your familiarity in the field or industry. You can tailor your resume per company so that you can make sure that you are complying with their qualification and requirements. Check out their advertisement and understand it. Write down words from it and use them in your application, according to sources of the best resume trends 2020.

cv trends 2020Up to two pages: One of the most helpful CV trends 2020 is keeping your paper only up to two pages. This is to make sure that you are submitting a strong application without the fluff or unnecessary details included.

tips for resume 2020Professional presentation: Choose a professional font, such as Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman. Each side must have one inch of margin and the paper must be A4 in size.

tips for resume 2020Spell checkers: This is probably one of the most helpful of all tips for resume 2020. Do not send your paper until you read, proofread and edit it a couple of times to ensure it does not contain even the slightest grammar and spelling mistakes.

tips for resume 2020Career summary: Skip the objective section and replace it with the career summary following your personal and contact details. This will give the employer a quick glance of what you can bring to the table.

tips for resume 2020Format: Use the right format for resume for 2020. For solid work experience, choose reverse chronological and functional format if you have career gaps or you are changing industries. Choose the combined style for using the features found in the previous two formats.

Best 10 Samples for Resume Template 2020

  1. It is a good professional resume for teachers and finance analysts and has important sections to highlight ones value proposition.

    resume trends 2020

    Saved from: shaverfresh.com

  2. This has a neat presentation of the sections, including objective, qualification and professional experience.

    resume trends 2020

    Saved from: //resuminfo.com/

  3. The sample is a classic one with the education section and the work experience sections are visible and presented with timeline.

    resume trends 2020

    Saved from: resumeontop.com

  4. The sample is a good style for those in the medical fields. It has a nice presentation of data, which is also easy to find and read.

    cv trends 2020

    Saved from: resumesamplestemplates.com

  5. The example resume has a good formatting and presentation. Sections, such as core competencies and professional experience, are well written.

    cv trends 2020

    Saved from: thedigimed.net

  6. The sample has important sections, including core strengths and skills and it has bullets, too. It is an appealing resume that works for virtually all types of industries.

    cv trends 2020

    Saved from: dailycareerresume.com

  7. The sample is a good cv 2020 for its neat presentation. It has the needed sections to highlight one’s skills and knowledge in the field.

    tips for resume 2020

    Saved from: shaverfresh.com

  8. The sample has important sections and it has bullets, too. It makes use of space wisely with only specific choice of words and no thick blocks of texts.

    tips for resume 2020

    Saved from: //kmcsr.com/

  9. The sample has an appealing, classic layout. It has the summary of qualifications following the objective section.

    tips for resume 2020

    Saved from: abilitiesenhanced.com

  10. The sample is nicely formatted and designed. It has the position, along with the main qualifications.

    resume trends 2020

    Saved from: .resumeontop.com

There you have the best things to remember to about the trends for writing based on expert tips on how to make a good job resume. Follow this guide and apply the trends mentioned to stay updated with the requirements of modern employers and recruiters. Also, don’t fail at proofreading and editing your paper so that you can ensure that it is free from any grammar and spelling errors before sending it. Learn more ways on how to make a good job resume today!

Following tips about resume trends 2020 from the professionals you can impress your future employer!